SLSRC November 19th Meeting IN-PERSON Program: Ken Bailey (K1FUG), “How ARRL Responds to Natural Disasters”

November 12, 2021…

Ken was first licensed as a Novice at age 15 in 1963 with the call KN1FUG and became K1FUG a year later.  He attended Cathedral High School in Springfield, Massachusetts and was active with their radio club, K1UHA.  Later he earned an associate degree in Electronics, a BS in Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Administration and a MA in Teaching.

Ken retired from law enforcement, spent a few years teaching in the Connecticut school systems and was an IT specialist at a local Connecticut Casino. He is now employed as the Emergency Management Assistant at ARRL Headquarters. 

The program “How ARRL responds to Natural Disasters”, will cover a range of topics related to the ARRL response to disasters. Information on the ARRL planning, actions, and responses to those disasters. Ken will discuss the relationship between the ARRL and SKYWARN. Finally, there will also be information on what has worked in the past. I encourage you to attend this November program and general meeting.

You will need to go to the main hospital building for screening before being allowed into the Goldfarb School of Nursing. Please allow extra time. A mask is required to enter the main hospital building but is optional in the meeting room.

The meeting is on November 19th @ 7PM (1 week earlier than normal). Please remember this is also our election meeting. Come out and support the club by voting for our officers. 

General meeting info and location can be found at the following link  

Missouri Baptist Hospital
Goldfarb School of Nursing
Rooms 419-420
7 PM