SLSRC November 20th – Fox Hunt

November 8, 2021

The St. Louis & Suburban Radio Club is holding an amateur radio fox hunt on Saturday, November 20th.

We are inviting all hams to come out and try your hand at a two-stage fox hunt in the Kirkwood Park area. Once you find the 1st fox you will be given the frequency for the 2nd fox. The club will not be providing any supplies for this hunt, but we do have suggestions for items you may wish to bring (see below).

Our starting location will be the SW corner parking lot at 574 West Adams Ave, Kirkwood, MO 63112. This is the parking area behind the pool. This parking lot is shared with the parking for Halloween Hamfest. You will be able to walk or drive to the first foxes location. There will be a briefing at the start location, and the 146.850 repeater will be monitored during the hunt. Both foxes will be located in areas that the public has access to. The winner will be based on who finds the fox first.

·        Date: November 20, 2021

·        Time: 10:30 AM to 01:00 PM

·        Location: Kirkwood Park area

·        Start Location: 574 West Adams Ave, Kirkwood, MO 63112 SW corner of the community center parking lot

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·        Suggested supplies in order of importance:

o   2 meter radio

o   Directional antenna

o   Pen/pencil

o   Paper

o   Map

o   Attenuator