Donations, Selling or SK Equipment

SLSRC Members: If an SLSRC member wants to sell equipment, please note the following places to sell through the internet or local STL resources.  The club will not broker any member owned equipment.

Silent Keys & Donations: If an SLSRC member becomes a SK and their spouse asks the club to sell said equipment, or a club donation would like to be made, a formal request through the website “Contact Us” or email to info “at” should be completed.  A club representative will make contact and review the equipment and discussion options.

The following options will be made available to the spouse or the estate of the SK:

  1. What items can be donated to the club based on club needs
  2. What items can be sold through the club under a special 1 time communication to the membership (Selling responsibility will still be held with the spouse or estate)
  3. Education around prices of equipment to sell via 3rd party

The following resources are available to sell equipment locally and through the internet.

  1. The weekly Tue SLSRC net on 146.850 (regular check in)
  2. STLHams on Facebook
  3. Craigslist
  4. Ebay
  6. Schulman Auction
  7. Goodwill Donation

Disposal of other electronic or computer gear that has no value or is broken

  1. Midwest Recycling Center

Randy (K7AGE) has put together a good video on how to inventory your ham radio equipment and document how it gets sold, donated or disposed of correctly.  Please take some time to watch his video and make sure you know where YOUR equipment is going!