SLSRC January 28th Meeting IN-PERSON Program: Nick Tusa

January 28, 2022…

Dominic (Nick) (K5EF) is a principal radio communications consultant and founder of Tusa Consulting Services. Nick has, for over forty-two years, provided technical services involving the design, implementation and maintenance of land mobile radio and microwave communication systems for both public safety and private industry. 

Nick earned his first Amateur Radio license at age 11 and has been continuously active in the hobby for 57 years. He is an experienced homebrewer and restorer of vintage Collins, TMC and Central Electronics gear and is an author, having recently published Wes Schum – Amateur Radio’s Unsung Hero. Nick received his electrical engineering degree from Tulane University in 1975 and holds both FCC Amateur Extra Class and General Radio Telephone Licenses. #slsrc #hamradio

You will need to go to the main hospital building for screening before being allowed into the Goldfarb School of Nursing. Please allow extra time. A mask is required to enter the main hospital building but is optional in the meeting room.

General meeting info and location can be found at the following link  

Missouri Baptist Hospital 

Goldfarb School of Nursing

Rooms 419-420

7 PM