Come Meet Us!

Are you a new ham?  An old ham?  Maybe a wondering ham looking for more in the ham radio hobby?  One way to get more out of your hobby is to join a club.  Join the St. Louis Suburban Radio Club!

The St. Louis Suburban Radio Club is a full service club offering insight into everything from contesting to digital modes to working with very low power making contacts 2500+ miles away.  SLSRC welcomes new hams to our meetings as we understand it’s intimidating showing up to a club meeting when you don’t know anyone.  SLSRC is the largest club in the area and coordinates many activities outside the club meetings including a monthly area breakfast, education classes geared towards upgrading, back to basics & elmering classes, a holiday dinner, operating events, and Field Day!.  You don’t have to be a member to come to a meeting or a monthly breakfast, so try us out and come see what SLSRC has to offer!!!  Click here to find out when the next meeting is.

Our monthly club meetings typically consist of a quick 30 min business meeting and then a presentation of ham related material.  Our members present on a wide range of topics, everything from Software Defined Radio, propagation, repeaters to the latest weather disaster in the St. Louis area.  Before the meeting starts, we complete introductions by giving your name and radio call sign.  If you don’t have one, all you need to do is say “I don’t have a license yet” and that’s it.  If your looking for more info about licensing, we can point you in the right direction!


We understand joining a club might not be for you, but we ask that you consider joining us for many many reasons, as joining a club can be very rewarding.  For more info around getting the most out of your SLSRC membership, or any club membership, click on this link for info and ideas.  Club membership can be an awesome experience, but remember what you put into the club is what you get out of it, so make the best of it!   When you join a club, join it for the right reasons.  Make sure it’s the club you feel comfortable with, who share your similar interests and allow you to grow your hobby on your terms.


Come meet us!  We want to meet you!  If you would like more info, please email us and one of our board members will reach out to you to answer any questions you might have.  Come to a club meeting, show up at one of our events, join our mailing list.  There are many ways to get involved.  Click here to contact the club.

Click here to renew or sign up for a new SLSRC membership.