SLSRC May 24th Meeting & Program Hot Air Balloon POTA

Come join us this Friday to hear about a new twist to POTA a couple of our members took part in.  John Mountain – KJØMTN and Bill Switzer KØOMD will be talking about their experience taking part in the world’s first Parks On The Air hot air balloon activation. 

John’s hobbies are amateur radio and hot air ballooning.  He is a commercial hot air balloon pilot and a certified flight instructor. He has been interested in ham radio since he was a kid when his mother’s uncle showed him his shack. 

Bill is a retired engineer and now volunteers with several community organizations.  He earned his amateur radio license in 2019, primarily interested in supporting community activities.  He is active in the Parks on the Air program, with activations in 21 states.

The meeting is on May 24th @ 7 PM. General meeting info and location can be found at the following link:  

Missouri Baptist Hospital 

Goldfarb School of Nursing

Rooms 419-420

7 PM