Member Help

Do you need help putting up an antenna, or maybe soldering a PL259 connector and it can’t be solved by an Elmer at a club meeting?  Some projects are larger than your skill set and requires someone’s help.  We have a few options you can try.

  1. Send an email to and explain what you’are trying to solve.  SLSRC will try and accommodate your request but please keep your requests to one per calendar year.
  2. Check into the SLSRC weekly net every Tue at 7:30pm on the 146.85 – (141.3) repeater.  After general announcements and short-time check-in’s there is a comment period where general help for projects can be requested.
  3. Post your project on the STL Hams Facebook page.  We have a very active community of hams that can help out.
  4. Seek help out on different ham radio related forums on the internet and use the opportunity to learn a new skill-set.  There are many great hams looking to help others learning.

Note : SLSRC reserves the right to not forward your request due to not enough information or repetitive requests in one calendar year.