CQ Field Day! CQ Field Day! Join More Than 40,000 Hams For a 24 Hour Party!

Are you coming to SLSRC/ARRL’s Field Day? Seriously!!  Are you coming?!?? More than 40,000 amateur radio operators will be on the air in the ARRL and ham radio’s biggest 24 hour party. Whether you are currently licensed, formerly licensed, or thinking about getting one, The Saint Louis Suburban Radio Club has a place and room for you.

Come make QSOs (ham speak for a conversation), eyeball QSLs (confirmed conversation in person), have some food, fun, check out how to build a salt water dummy load, and best of all, have a great time!

Kids and adults curious about ham radio can come communicate with someone hundreds or even thousands of miles away using a radio and some wire. We’ll show you how. Come and ask questions. Observe. That’s what our Get On The Air (GOTA) station is for.  For those without a license, one of our operators can be your control operator — someone to guide you to help you have your first radio conversation.

This year’s SLSRC/ARRL Field Day will have the Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network on site (http://www.satern.org/). It’s a great opportunity to learn about the hobby, how it can provide a lifeline in emergency conditions, and introduce your non-ham friends to the world of Amateur Radio.

Field Day 2019 is Saturday June 22nd and Sunday June 23rd. We will start the day at the Midland Denny’s at 07:00 a.m. near Midland and Lindbergh, then head over to the McDonnell shelter in James S. McDonnell County Park (2961 Adie Rd, Saint Ann, MO 63074). You are cordially invited to come participate for any or all of the activities.  Our schedule of activities:

  • 6/22 | 7:00a Breakfast at Denny’s 11266 Midland Blvd
  • 6/22 | 8:15a Setup at James S McDonnell County Park (2961 Adie Rd) – come learn how to set up a station
  • 6/22 | 1:00p Operations begin – CW (Morse) / FT8/PSK31(digital) / SSB (voice) / VHF FM (voice) / GOTA station
  • 6/22 | 2:00p Education – build a Salt Water Dummy Load.  Sign up at fieldday@slsrc.org
  • 6/22 | 4:45p Informal SLSRC monthly meeting
  • 6/23 | 1:00p Cease Operations and begin teardown

The Salvation Army mobile canteen will provide the setup crew lunch on Saturday. We encourage those eating to make a donation. Saturday night’s BBQ (Hotdogs, hamburgers and brats) dinner will be provided by SLSRC. Please bring a side dish or dessert with you and show off your culinary skills!

We will be operating throughout the night, and will have multiple radio stations on the air for 24 hours straight! Anyone with license privileges or working with a control operator can come talk across the country.  Multiple technologies will be in use, Morse code (Continuous Wave), FT8/PSK31 digital (Come decode signals you might not even hear), voice (AM, SSB, FM).

If you are planning on staying overnight at the pavilion, please contact fieldday@slsrc.org to confirm your overnight participation. We would like at least 3 licensed operators overnight.