STL-Metro System Fusion Wires-X Room Announcement

The St. Louis & Suburban Radio Club and the AT&T Employees Amateur Radio Club with cooperation from the Missouri Digital Group is pleased to announce the STL-Metro (Room #43072) Wires-X System Fusion all digital room.

Currently, there are two area C4FM repeaters joined to this room full time.  The 443.075 (+) SLSRC repeater and the 443.775 (+) ATT repeater. The SLSRC repeater is located in Olivette.  The ATT repeater is located downtown. Both repeaters have great coverage around the STL metro area. This is an open room, so any node or repeater can join the STL-Metro room.  SLSRC, ATT & MDG is working with other clubs in the STL area to join more repeaters to the STL-Metro room in the future.

The 443.075 and 443.775 repeaters are not locked down to the STL-Metro rooms, so feel free to join the repeaters to other Wires-X rooms, but there is a 30-minute timer so the repeaters will return automatically to the STL-Metro room after the time out.

If you have a FTM-100, FTM-400 or FT-2DR with updated firmware, you can place your radio in PDN mode to connect to the Wires-X software and join and talk in the STL-Metro room.  You can also use your FTM-100, FTM-400 or FT-2DR in hotspot mode with the Wires-X software and another digital radio (like a C4FM HT) to join & talk in the STL-Metro room.

Here are two YouTube videos explaining more about PDN and hotspot mode. – PDN Yaesu Announcement – FT-2DR PDN Mode Video

We are working on a future solution with existing MMDVM hot spots (Open Spot, Zum Spot, etc..) to join the STL-Metro Wires-X room from these devices, so stay tuned for updates!  

We will be sending out updates regarding a System Fusion rag chew and also regular digital net to help promote digital communication on the repeaters & Wires-X network in the future.

The SLSRC Repeaters and Nets page is located at :

If you have any questions, please feel free to send an email to for more info.