SLSRC Announces New Social Media Option

Since I have become President, a large portion of the requests I have gotten from the public was people wanting to reach out to the club members.  In the past, I have directed people to the STLhams Facebook group for casual posts, and we have tried to keep our official mailing list limited to club announcements to avoid inundating people with every community announcement.

We are adding another option, a group.  If you’re not familiar with it’s a newer email list site where you can easily subscribe and unsubscribe to different lists. has been used for a couple of years by some of our community that have an interest in AREDN.  Now we are starting

Subscribing is easy, just email “”; you will get a confirmation email and you’re set.  Your first post won’t go out until it’s approved by a moderator, otherwise you will start receiving posts via email.

Since it’s easy for anyone to post, let’s try to keep it civil and ham / ham interest focused so we don’t need to moderate more than necessary.   Ham related sales and trades are fine.