President’s Notes – May 2022

May 6, 2022…

This year feels so much closer to normal than this time last year.  We have been back to in person meetings, breakfasts, dinners, fox hunts, and once again Field Day.  We’ll be back at McDonnell park at the first pavilion you come to.

This year we’re going to be doing a kit build, fox hunt, potluck and operating all night long.   Mark Hall, AEØME, is once again the Chairman of the Field Day Committee, so if you want to help with the planning and setup for Field Day this year send an email to  

Field Day has always been a great chance for the club to show others what ham radio is and give everyone a chance to work contacts they may not regularly get to make. For new hams, it’s a great way to get on HF even if you are only a tech, you get all of the privileges of the control operator sitting with you.  

The Engineering Committee and some of the members of the STLAREDN Groups.IO are teaming up to add AREDN to some of our repeater sites and start coverage of the St. Louis area with an AREDN mesh network.  We are hoping to have a demo setup at Field Day this year.  

The club is still looking for more people interested in supporting the club by taking lead on one of our committees.  We are looking for a chairperson for:

  • The Social Media Committee
  • The Club Shack Committee
  • The Equipment Committee
  • We also need a public information officer

For more information reach out to me a  Looking forward to seeing everyone at the next event!

Brendan, KEØFCG
President, SLSRC