SLSRC April General Meeting Program “The Thrill of Morse Code”

The April St. Louis & Suburban Radio Club general meeting will be held ON-LINE on the 24th of April at 6.45 pm. The program will be “The Thrill of Morse Code.” We encourage you to start the stream at 6:45pm and say something in the chat.  If your username is not your name or call sign, we ask you to place your name and call sign at the front or end of your chat statement to identify who is talking.  To say something in the chat, you must have a Google account.

Dale Holloway, K4EQ, will be sharing with  us his experiences using Morse code, give a very brief history of the changes in the U.S. code requirement and offer some tips to becoming a proficient CW operator. Dale’s primary goals are to inspire new hams to learn Morse code, to encourage all of us to improve our Morse code skills and to discover the FUN of communicating with Morse code. 

Dale was raised in Michigan and was licensed as a Novice in 1960 as KN8WHB. He then changed to K8WHB when he passed the General class exam. Due to a move to Indiana in the 70s, the FCC changed Dale’s call to W9NXD. Dale’s family returned to Michigan when he passed the Advanced and Extra exams and changed his call to NJ8X. When the new vanity call sign program began in 1996, Dale was in Virginia and elected to change to K4EQ.

Dale has lived and visited many areas of the world and has operated radio all over. He has transmitted from Costa Rica, Honduras, Russia as NJ8X/UA3, and Canada.  His primary interests in Amateur Radio are CW and QRP. Dale enjoys building several QRP kits and also enjoys operating them on the air. 

Dale is a graduate of Vennard College (BA), Michigan State University (MA), and Trinity Theological Seminary (Ph.D.). Professionally, he was in Christian ministry for 45 years, including nine years in international missions, four years with the Christian Medical & Dental Associations, and the rest as a pastor. Finally, Dale has also served as an adjunct professor in the religion department at Indiana Wesleyan University. 

Let’s all get comfortable at our computers and learn the fun in Morse code by attending this program ON-LINE. Click on one of the two links below to join our club’s YouTube Channel and enjoy the meeting and program. Please join in.