December 2019 Presidents Notes

As we wrap up 2019, let’s look back on all the SLSRC accomplishments and look at future goals in 2020. 

In January 2019 we kicked off the year with our annual hamfest, Winterfest.  Attendance was up with over 1000 attendees and 175 vendor tables. We are planning a larger 2 day event this year as Winterfest is the ARRL Midwest Division Convention.  In January 2019, we continued with our Back to Basics and Mentoring classes which are highly attended with an average attendance of 20 to 25 people at each session.

We introduced the monthly Tech Net in February.  This net is the 4th Thursday at 7:30 p.m on the 146.850 repeater, and is a loosely directed net.  After a brief presentation, hams can check in and ask questions of the presented topic or ask general questions regarding Amateur Radio.  I urge you to check into the net if you have questions or can be a mentor to answer questions as this is a great way to ask questions between Back to Basic and Mentoring sessions.

In March we congratulated new 6 Technicians to the hobby from our weekend class.   We offered three technician classes in 2019 as our Education Committee was busy. Each new Technician who attends our classes and passes their test receives a free SLSRC membership for the remainder of the year as a gift from the club.

In April the club was busy as we teamed up with Arch Reactor makerspace to host a “Learn to Solder” class with 15 students.  We also started the summer Mentor classes and became an ARRL Special Service Club. To become a Special Service Club, the club needs to have a certain amount of education classes, public outreach, percentage of ARRL members and operating events for our members.

During May the club held a General upgrade class and 8 Technicians earned their General tickets. 

Field Day in June was a huge success.  We had 75 members stop by and socialize, operate and eat.  This attendance was up from years past probably due to the nice weather we had that weekend.  I want to thank our Social Committee who provide the food for all club events. In June we also held another Technician class and welcomed 7 more new hams into the hobby.

The Engineering Committee introduced the STL-Metro Wires-X room for use by the St. Louis Amateur Radio community around the middle of July.  The club also teamed up with the Woodridge Middle School to help promote Amateur Radio at Fair St. Louis. 

In August the club sponsored the 2M Sprint contest.  This is always a great time where hams contact other hams on the 2M band in as many different zip codes for points.  I can remember there were some hams really looking at mobile strategies for the event to roam and maximize points.

The club teamed up with AmSAT to help promote a satellite Field Day in September.  The goal of the event was to bring awareness to satellite communication.

In October, the club held its third Technician class and welcomed in 10 new hams into the hobby.  We also started our Back to Basics classes with new curriculum. 

In November the club held elections and elected three new board members for the 2020 and 2021 years.  I want to thank the outgoing members for their work and service for the past many years some of them served. 

During the 2nd week in December the club helped with the Woodridge Middle School ARISS contact.  If you didn’t hear the middle school kids ask the ISS questions on the repeater, we will play the audio a few times during the next week.  The event can also be viewed on YouTube if you search for Woodridge ARISS Contact. We are also getting ready and continue to plan for Winterfest 2020 which hopefully will be the largest Winterfest the club has hosted.  We are expecting a large crowd, so come out and support the club and the event!

As you can see, the club is busy, has a strong membership and has great members.  As we build on the 2019 events, we have even more events scheduled for 2020. If you would like to get involved, please reach out to a club board member or send us an email. 

I want to thank all the committee members who keep the club moving.  The net control operators who bring you the weekly Tuesday night net and also the Tech net.  The social committee who provides the food at all club events. The IT committee who makes sure our laptops and Field Day equipment is up to tip top shape, and the website committee who updates and maintains the club websites.  The engineering committee who keeps the repeaters running and especially the membership. The education committee who brings new hams into this great hobby and help drive our monthly new ham educational events. I also want to thank the members.  Without the membership, this club would not be the thriving club it is today.

Thank you.