SLSRC 146.85 Repeater CTCSS Communication

The 146.85 repeater has a 141.3 Hz tone on its input to keep unwanted signals out of the repeater.

The SLSRC Engineering Committee has now placed an additional 141.3 CTCSS tone on the OUTPUT of the 146.850 repeater to help with interference issues with another repeater on the same frequency in Southern IL.  The Engineering Committee has tested this new feature in a variety of contexts over the past week with no issues.

You now have the OPTION to program your radio for a 141.3 CTCSS tone on the receive frequency to keep from hearing the interference of the other repeater.

If you choose not to program your radio, or your radio does not have the ability to program a CTCSS tone on the receive, you will still receive the 146.85 repeater as normal.  Nothing will change. Your part is OPTIONAL.

If you choose to program your radio to receive the 141.3 CTCSS tone, please consult your radio manual as different manufacturers implement CTCSS differently.  If you have any questions, please contact Kyle at


Engineering Committee Chair