SLSRC April 27th Meeting & Program. Presenter-Bill Carroll (KC9CIK)

by Bill Carroll, KC9CIK

A smart speaker in the ham shack. Is this the next key component to make the complete ham shack?

This past year the sales of smart speakers have gone through the roof.  One of these smart speakers has come out as the front-runner for being able to aid the ham shack.  Amazon Echo’s, “Alexa” has had several different ham radio operators write “skills” that have an amateur radio focus.  This has caused the Amazon Echo to become the smartest of the smart speakers for the amateur radio hobbyist.

At our next general club meeting, I will discuss what a smart speaker is, and I am not talking about Ward Silver for this one.  I will also review some of the functionalities of the Amazon Echo, “Alexa” and her abilities to compliment your shack.

The SLSRC meeting is at 7 PM Friday, April 27th in rooms 419-420 of the Clinical Learning Institute of the Missouri Baptist Hospital.

Hope everyone can make it.