SLSRC March 25th Meeting Program: How to Capture the MAGIC of Six Meters

March 21, 2022….

You, too, can capture the MAGIC of six meters. It takes some time and skill, but you’ll achieve incredible results from an average station. The presentation covers propagation modes, equipment, antennas, software, operating awards, and contests. This will be superb preparation for your efforts on six meters.

K5ND: Jim Wilson is an active operator and addicted grid chaser on six meters. From his Grapevine, Texas, home using a hand-turned push-up mast and Yagi, he’s worked 60 DXCC countries and over 600 grids. His early six meter QSOs included Argentina and Uruguay using a dipole in the attic, Scotland and the Canary Islands using a fence-mounted vertical, and New Zealand and Japan using a Moxon at 20 feet. He’s provided presentations on six meters for the ARRL Learning Network and VHF contesting on the QSO Today Ham Expo and numerous local amateur radio clubs.

I invite you to attend this meeting and listen to this great program. #slsrc #hamradio

You will need to go to the main hospital building for screening before being allowed into the Goldfarb School of Nursing. Please allow extra time. A mask is required to enter the main hospital building but is optional in the meeting room.

General meeting info and location can be found at the following link  

Missouri Baptist Hospital
Goldfarb School of Nursing
Rooms 419-420
7 PM