SLSRC 2020 Field Day ‘Canceled’

May 24, 2020….

The Saint Louis and Suburban Radio Club Field Day committee met with the Board of Directors to discuss the American Radio Relay League Field Day event regarding the current safety practices and concerns to determine how we should proceed as a club. Ultimately both the committee and the board unanimously agreed that the safety of our members and any visitors or guests is much more important than holding the event in-person. Therefore, we are canceling the in-person event. Prior to this decision, we had also already observed other clubs and organizations make similar announcements.

The committee and club leadership are currently exploring various events and activities (on-air and on-line) to allow our members to be involved in the ARRL Field Day event and still participate with other club members. The ARRL has provided some guidance already on their Field Day page ( with suggestions on how to find creative ways to participate. 

We will send a follow-up communication after we finalize the remaining details of what we believe we as a club can accomplish during Field Day. This future communication will give you a simplified summary of the ARRL rules, some logging tips, and most importantly how you can participate in SLSRC Field Day club activities.