Announcing SLSRC’s New Board for 2019 – 2020!

Elections for SLSRC’s 2019-2020 Board were held at the General Meeting on Friday, November 16th.  The new Board effective January 1st will be as follows:

Kyle Krieg, AAØZ – President
Alan Geis, KD9DXH – Vice President *
Alexandra Rust, AEØDN – Secretary
Vern Walters AEØTT – Treasurer *
Joe Fleagle, WØFY – Board Member (even year)
Michael “Tony” Miller, KIØO – Board Member (odd year)
Mark Hall, ADØZQ – New Ham Board Member

*For 2019 only, the positions of Vice-President and Treasurer will be one year terms, but will transition to two year terms starting in 2020.

Also, want to thank our outgoing board members:

Bill Carroll, KC9CIK – President
Sharon Giacomo, KØSPG – Secretary
Max Slover KØAZV – Board Member (odd year)
Brian Oester KEØEYA – New Ham Board Member