SLSRC’s General Meeting, Friday, October 26 – Presenter, Kyle Krieg (AAØZ) – APRS

This month Kyle Krieg (AAØZ) will take a practical approach to APRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System) which is much more than just a positioning tracking system, it’s a whole suite of usable information on the 2M band.  APRS is used to identify trackers, repeaters, hospitals, pass messages, and much more all on the 144.390 frequency.

Did you know you can route APRS traffic on the internet?  By using iGates, you can send SMS and Email messages over APRS.  Want to get the local weather forecast over APRS? That can be done.  The presentation will cover how to get started with APRS for FREE with open sourced software today and an existing radio you probably already have.  If you don’t have an APRS capable radio, you can still use some of the functions of APRS, or learn about how to turn an existing radio into an APRS capable transceiver.

Kyle will cover everything from setting up your Android phone with a cheap Bluetooth device and a HT, to setting up your first APRS tracker or home fill-in digipeater/iGate on 144.390 to get you started.  If you don’t know anything about APRS or an expert in the hobby, come and learn about this protocol and share your experiences!

The meeting is at 7 PM Friday, October 26th in rooms 419-420 of the Clinical Learning Institute of the Missouri Baptist Hospital.