SLSRC’s General Meeting, Friday, September 28th – Presenter, Joe Fleagle (WØFY)

The St. Louis and Suburban Radio Club’s September meeting will be held on Friday, September 28th at 7:00PM at Missouri Baptist Medical Center, Clinical Learning Institute / Goldfarb School of Nursing, 3015 North Ballas Road, in rooms 419 and 420.  This month’s presentation is on WSJT-X and will be presented by Joe Fleagle,WØFY.

Joe is a member of the SLSRC board, and a valued member of the Engineering Committee.  His knowledge concerning the amateur radio hobby has repeatedly proven to be an asset.  He is an Elmer to the entire St. Louis and Suburban Radio Club.

The WSJT-X program provides a suite of digital communication protocols.  The protocols are each optimized to provide minimal exchange contacts using various modes of propagation ranging from tropospheric scatter, meteor scatter, moon bounce, and other uncommon modes.  The minimum information exchange provided is sufficient to qualify for operating awards such as DXCC, WAS, WAC, and VUCC.

One specific protocol in the suite, the FT8 digital mode, has developed wide popularity in the past two years.  It’s used at both HF and VHF and can provide good DX capability to even modestly equipped stations.  The presentation discusses all the modes included in WSJT-X briefly but concentrates on FT8 and how to get started in that mode.