President’s Notes – August 2018

by Bill Carroll, KC9CIK
President, SLSRC

The joys of new toy(s)!  In the past month, Rebecca and I purchased two new radios from Kenwood. We
acquired a new Kenwood TM-D710GA for our mobile needs and a Kenwood TH-D72A for our handheld





I believe that definition 2a applies in this case and I can even argue that 2b is valid also. Most Hams
enjoy getting a new device to use in their shack. Several Hams enjoy building a new device for their
shack. I would fall in the category of the former at this point in my Ham life. Either way it usually brings
joy to the Ham. I know that every time Rebecca and I have managed to either acquire a new item
and/or upgrade a piece of equipment it has been fun.

Last month, I experienced something new though. Last month I sold off a couple of pieces of gear that
made me smile to be able to do it. One of our new club members, new ham, and enthusiastic teacher
needed gear to be able to get himself on the air. I was aware of his need and felt that I could afford to
sell him a radio. Honest, at the time I was not expecting to purchase the new gear I mentioned
earlier. I contacted Tom (KEØSGU), and discussed his needs vs what I had available and we felt that it
would work. He and I met to hand off the radio, a Kenwood TM-D700, and gave him some quick
instructions on how to use the menus, and dials,

After leaving the radio deal, I found myself excited about the ability to help a fellow Ham out, and I was
excited to be participating in what Tom was planning as an middle school teacher. This joy was far better
than the excitement I have had with new gear purchases. I am looking forward to hearing about Tom’s
plans, and the achievements his students are going to have under his guidance. I promise that as the
school year progresses you will be hearing more about what Teacher Tom is going to accomplish.

I encourage all our club members to keep an eye out and their ears listening for an opportunity to help
the new folks in the hobby. It really is a lot of fun, and it helps strengthen our ranks of the amateur radio