SLSRC March 23rd Meeting & Program, Eric Zust (WØTT) – A Ham’s Travels Through Asia

Eric Zust, WØTT, became a ham in 1978 when first licensed as a Novice. His impetus for the hobby was the CB radio craze, when he used a CB radio and Mag-mount antenna in his van, as he drove around the Midwest to race motorcycles. He then asked his ham brother Jeff for advice on how to modify his van for dual antennas so he could look like an over-the- road truck driver. Fortunately his brother advised him to skip the CB and study for a Novice license instead.

Although he had some trouble learning Morse code and increasing his code speed, Eric soon upgraded to Extra, and CW remains his favorite mode. He now enjoys DX’ing, award chasing and contesting, and has achieved 9-band DXCC, 9-band WAS and DXCC Honor Roll. He is an active member of the Boeing Club (BEARS) and the DX Club (MVDX/CC), and actively participates in the Missouri QSO Party with special 1×1 callsign NØS. He is an Assistant ARRL Midwest Division Director, and is the “T-Sorter” for the incoming WØ ARRL QSL Bureau.

In various travels, Eric has operated as DL5/WØTT, OA4/WØTT, OC4O, XV2A, PJ2/WØTT and PJ2T.

This presentation will document Eric’s three-week Asian trip where he visited Japan, Okinawa, Taiwan, Vietnam and Cambodia. He visited hams and photographed their stations in Okinawa and Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), and an electronics store in Kyoto. The presentation will focus on these Ham-related activities, but will also include some cultural information from the remainder of the trip, particularly out-of- the ordinary activities such as rickshaw rides in Japan and Vietnam, floating houses and markets on the Mekong River and Tuk-tuk and oxcart rides in Cambodia.

The presentation will be approximately 60 minutes in length, and will feature many photos, some videos, and related items to be passed around for examination by the audience.

The SLSRC meeting is at 7 PM Friday, March 23rd in rooms 419-420 of the Clinical Learning Institute of the Missouri Baptist Hospital.

This will certainly be another “don’t miss” presentation. Hope everyone can make it.