SLSRC February 23, 2018 Meeting

Peter Brisbine, NØMTH will be giving a presentation on the Winlink system at the February SLSRC meeting. Topics covered will be:

  • History
  • Overview of technology
  • Basic installation requirements
  • Available operating modes
  • Examples of uses

Peter has been a licensed ham for 29 years and has been involved with digital communications since his early days in ham radio, and currently operates the only Winmor gateway in the Saint Louis area. He also hosts and manages the Packet Bulletin Board and Winlink Gateway for St. Louis Metro ARES/RACES and manages the  bulletin board and VHF Winlink Gateway for Franklin County ARES.

A full Winlink training class will be offered on April 28th. More information can be found here: Pre-registration is required for the class and will be available to register shortly.

The SLSRC meeting is at 7 PM Friday, February 23 in rooms 419-420 of the Clinical Learning Institute of the Missouri Baptist Hospital.