SLSRC November 17, 2017 Meeting & Program, Presenter-Missouri Rapid Response Team KØRRT

Missouri Baptist Hospital
Clinical Learning Institute
Goldfarb School of Nursing
Rooms 419 – 420
7 PM

SLSRC is honored to have the Missouri Rapid Response Team (KØRRT) as the presenter at our November 17th meeting (remember, this is the 3rd Friday, due to the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend being on the 4th Friday).

The RRT came together in 2007 as a vehicle to support the emergency support system centered primarily in the 11 county area around the City of St. Louis thanks to the inspiration and leadership of Art Goodall WØKG, and the late Dave Collins, KC6YNC/SK.

The RRT is available to support community events where large scale, large area communications are needed. Events supported are 50 and 100 mile bike races, large scale boat races on one of our rivers, and even assisting a municipality with bus communications during a special event drawing thousands of people.

The Missouri Rapid Response Team (RRT) is a set of federally licensed amateur radio operators, who are trained, equipped and prepared to support folks who need help in a variety of ways.

This is another “don’t miss” presentation. Hope everyone can make it.