SLSRC Congratulates 7 New Hams from the June 2017 Technician Class

SLSRC Congratulates the following New Hams, who completed the June 10-11

weekend class and passed their Technician License test.

 David Thompson KEØNTN

 David Trotter KEØNTI

 Michael Craig (Grizz) KEØNTH

 Kayleigh McLaren KD9IUQ

 Marc Beinder KEØNTG

 Richard Hughes KEØNTJ

 Brad Fisher KEØNTM

A special thanks to Paul Koebbe KCØCBL for his help in teaching the class and

to the Cliff Cave VE Team for administering the license tests.

Give the New Hams a big “Welcome” when you hear them on the air or see

them at a club event.