September 23, 2016 Meeting – Speaker, Christopher Barber (WX5CW), on “Learning and Loving CW”

Christopher Barber (WX5CW), Engineering Committee Chair, and WØSRC Trustee, discussed CW.  In describing his presentation he said, “My goal for this presentation is to inspire new CW operators and reignite older CW operators to finding the magic in operating CW.  I will review my journey from the struggles I had learning CW to my decision to become an expert CW operator.  I will begin with discussing the different methods, tools and equipment that can be used to learn CW.  Then, I will provide an overview of the multitude of resources that can be used to further your CW skills for hours of operating enjoyment.  All in all, I want to show how CW is more than just a mode; it is truly an art for everyone to enjoy.”

This was another “don’t miss” event!

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