April 22, 2016 Meeting – Speaker, Kyle Krieg (NØKTK), on the History, Setup, and Uses for Raspberry Pi

The April presentation will be all about the Raspberry Pi.  The Raspberry Pi was introduced in February 2012 as a teaching tool to help teach computer science in schools and developing countries.  Since it’s inception, there have been 4 major versions, the latest Pi 3 was released in February 2016.

The Pi is a fully functioning computer, complete with a processor, RAM, video, ethernet and I/O pins.  Not only did the education community grasp the Pi by storm, so did the hobbyist community with their pet projects and specialized applications.  Today, there are hundreds of uses for the Pi, everything from running as a Linux server to home automation and SDR applications.

Kyle will give some information about the current Pi, demonstrate how to setup a Pi from scratch, and also have some guests show off what they have done with their Pi in the amateur radio community.

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