President’s Notes January 2017

Welcome to 2017 with the St. Louis and Suburban Radio Club!  This year we will be entering our seventieth year as a radio club with celebrations coming to recognize this event. I want to thank you for coming to our website and looking us over.  I would also like to give you a little bit of a tour of what you can find here and some more information about our club.

You are most likely on our Home page, and can see the latest articles in the center section.  We have a team of individuals that keep this section up to date and current.  They are good on sending gentle reminders to their President of the club to get his Notes in for publication.  That would be me, and I am glad they are gentle about this process.  I deserve a much stiffer reminder.

To the left, you can see the Quick Links that will help you navigate around our virtual club. There are several items of interest in this area, including the important items of Repeater Information, News, Membership and our Monthly Meeting information. This is usually my first stop when I get to the Home page. I am also very partial to the Renew Your Membership link. This link gives you some basic information on how you can either join the club or renew your membership.

Our club membership is how we set the budget for the club, and we are actively in the works of providing “Club Members Only” perks.  It is our membership dues that help with the day to day costs of having all our repeaters, and to help offset the costs of some of our annual events.  Field Day and our Holiday Party are just a couple of these.

Repeater information is crucial to our club and the hobby of Amateur Radio. You’ll find under this link the details about all the SLSRC repeaters and scheduled nets.  The repeater information will give you a general idea of its capabilities and how to make use of them.  Christopher Barber (WX5CW) is the trustee for our repeaters, and I am certain that he would love to see our club make more use of them.

St. Louis and Suburban Radio Club has a passion to see your radio education expand, and that is why we try to keep you informed of the upcoming VE testing sessions.  We are lucky to have several members of the VE Testing Team as members of the club, and we support the weekly testing sessions.  You can access details about the Cliff Cave Team by following the VE Testing link.

You can also see, on the left side of the screen, we have links to important events that will be coming up throughout the year.  Winterfest, being the biggest news item on the list now.  I hope to see most of you there.  If you miss this year’s Winterfest, you will find us doing it again next year.

There are way too many things on our website for me to go through, so let me finish with this last item.  The “CONTACT US” link will give you quick access to send a note to several of us within the club.  Those of us who receive these messages, do our best to get quick and accurate responses to your questions and/or concerns that you send into the club.  If we do not know the quick answer, we will forward the message to the most appropriate person to address it.

Thank you again for taking the time to come to our website and for reading this simple message. Come back soon and see what the latest is.  Also, don’t forget to look at our Twitter and Facebook links on the right side of the Home Page.

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