YouTube Presentation Videos

SLSRC started recording monthly presentations in July 2016.  This is a SLSRC membership benefit, please do not share these videos outside the SLSRC membership community.  Videos release 2 months behind the actual presentation date.

Nov 2018, Kevin LaFata, KØKEV, 3D Printing

Oct 2018, Kyle Krieg, AAØZ – Practical APRS

Sept 2018, Joe Fleagle, WØFY – FT8 and WSJT-X

Aug 2018, George Schindler, WBØIIS – DMR Radio

July 2018, Kyle Krieg, AAØZ – SLSRC Repeater State of the Union

May 2018, Sterling Coffey, NØSCC – Ham Radio is Dying?

April 2018 Bill Carroll, KC9CIK – Alexa in the Shack

Mar 2018 Eric Zust, WØTT – A Ham’s Travels to Southeast Asia

Feb 2018 Peter Brisbine, NØMTH – Winlink

Jan 2018 Winterfest & Show and Tell (no video)

Dec 2017 Holiday Dinner (no video)

Nov 2017 Tim Natho, WØTSN – Missouri Rapid Response Team (KØRRT)

Oct 2017 Kyle Krieg, AAØZ – Software Defined Radio & Flex Radio

Sept 2017 Mel Whitten, KØPFX – Digital Video and HD ATV Repeaters

Aug 2017 John Yodis, K2VV – Intro into HF and DX Tips for the Newcomer

July 2017 Ward Silver, NØAX – Grounding & Bonding Your Station

June 2017 Field Day (no video)

May 2017 Joe Fleagle, WØFY – A Survey of Amateur Radio Digital Communications

April 2017 Norm Guittar – History and Future Development of the Electric Automobile

March 2017 Don Wilbanks, AE5DW – Newsline

Feb 2017 Ron Elliott, KDØSML – Mobile APRS

Jan 2017 Winterfest & Show and Tell (no video)

Dec 2016 Holiday Dinner (no video)

Nov 2016 Jim Kramper, NØLSX – National Weather Service

Oct 2016 – Joe Fleagle, WØFY – History of Ham Radio (no video)

Sept 2016 Christopher Barber, WX5CW – Learning and Loving CW

Aug 2016 Kyle Krieg, AAØZ – SOTA, Contesting and Working as Portable

July 2016 Ward Silver, NØAX – Propagation 101