We are still in the process of designing the AREDN network, but to get started, head over to the website and read up on the concept.

To start out we recommend the MicroTik hAP router as your first AREDN device. The MicroTik router can connect to your home network to start testing. You can purchase one on Amazon for under $50 at the link here :

To configure the hAP lite device, follow these directions created by Brian (KE0EYA).

Join the STL AREDN mailing list where we discuss the design, install and support for all things AREDN in the STL Metro area. Join at the following link

Once you have your MicroTik configured and ready to connect via VPN, send an email to the STL AREDN mailing list and we’ll try and try and get you connected.

We are in the early stages of the design and we are using the internet VPN connection to get nodes talking to one another. Once we get the backbone and end user access points designed and installed, we can start connecting end user nodes via RF.