System Fusion & Wires X

Welcome to SLSRC’s System Fusion and WiresX Info Page.

In 2013 Yaesu introduced System Fusion as digital modes were gaining popularity.  Digital modes allow communication in areas with high noise, interference and superior performance where traditional FM signals might be degraded.

More info about Yaesu System Fusion can be found here.

As of January 2019 SLSRC operates three (3) repeaters that use System Fusion (C4FM).

146.940 (-) C141.3 – AMS Mode
146.970 (-) C141.3 – AMS Mode
443.075 (+) C141.3 – AMS Mode

Current State 

AMS Mode – The all 3 Fusion repeaters are configured in AMS (automatic mode select) mode.  The SLSRC C4FM System Fusion repeaters operate in AMS (Automatic Mode Select).  AMS mode works in Digital Narrow (DN), Wide Voice (WV), Frequency Modulation (FM) and Data.  If you transmit in FM (any radio), you will receive in FM.  If you transmit in digital C4FM (DN, WV, Data) you will receive in digital.  If a FM user joins a digital conversation, all the Yaesu radios will automatically switch to FM to continue that conversation.  In FM mode, you must use a CTCSS tone of 141.3 Hz to access the repeater.  If you are operating in FM mode, please check to see if a digital conversation is in progress (BUSY light + S meter bars will be present) before you key up.  If you have a FM only radio, use the CTCSS tone to squelch out the C4FM digital hash.  If you have a “Busy Channel Lock Out” feature on your radio, you might want to turn it on for this frequency.  There is no courtesy tone on the SLSRC System Fusion repeaters & there is a very short squelch tail.  Timeout is 3min.

As digital modes gain popularity, more digital conversations will be present on the AMS repeaters.  This doesn’t mean if you don’t have a Yaesu Fusion capable radio, you can’t join in.  If you see a break in the S meter activity, throw your call out.  All the Yaesu radios (if the operator has configured their radio correctly) will automatically switch over to FM.  One of the pitfalls is not knowing who is talking on the repeater and what their current conversation is.

WiresX Mode –

Future State (3Q 2019)

The 146.970 repeater will stay in AMS mode, but be tied to the AllStar linked network.  The 146.940 and 443.075 repeaters will become C4FM digital only, no FM.  They will also be linked via Ethernet through our wireless point to point network.


Group Mode frequency : 147.525