Fox Hunting Resources

The St. Louis & Suburban Radio Club holds a radio direction finding fox hunt several times a year.

What is a “Fox Hunt” ?

In Fox Hunting, the goal is to find the hidden transmitter (The Fox). To do this, you will need a directional antenna like a Tape measure antenna. By moving the antenna to face different directions, it will help you identify the direction with the strongest signal. Having a radio with an S meter is easier and strongly recommended. When you get closer, the signal strength gets too strong for this to work well. Having an attenuator helps immensely in this.

What do you need?

  • 2M handheld Radio 
  • Directional antenna 
  • Attenuator

Radio Requirements

Any two meter radio will work, as long as you can pick up the signal.  However there are a few features that make it easier to fox hunt.

  • S-Meter, an S-Meter gives you a visual representation of incoming signal strength
  • Easily removable antenna with adapters.  It is easy to switch between your directional and regular whip.  
  • Dual vfo / dual watch.  Having the ability to listen to a second fox or the announcements frequency.

How Do You Fox Hunt?

Building an Antenna

Building an Offset Attenuator

Extra resource / Plans

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