About Us

The St. Louis and Suburban Radio Club, Inc. (SLSRC), is a full-service amateur radio club located in Saint Louis County, Missouri.

Originally formed in 1947, the Suburban Radio Club became SLSRC in 2004 as we absorbed the St. Louis Repeater Association.

As a non-profit corporation, SLSRC exists to support and develop the amateur radio community through education, fellowship and by providing several open access repeaters across the St. Louis metro area.

We partner with organizations when needed, to provide public service and emergency communications support across the metro area.

Our monthly meetings are where we invite speakers to present programs on topics of interest to our members.

On-air nets are conducted weekly to share information and maintain a state of readiness.

SLSRC stages occasional contests to help St. Louis area hams practice various types of communication.

We also host a number of special events throughout the year, including:

  • ARRL Field Day – Practicing our craft is an important part of Ham Radio, and no event does this better than Field Day.
  • Holiday Party – Instead of a normal meeting, we choose to celebrate the holiday season with each other in December.
  • Winterfest – The only hamfest in January, and the largest one in the St. Louis Metro, Winterfest.

Everything we do is for, and by our members – we exist because of your support and enthusiasm.