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Joe Fleagle (WØFY) is a SLSRC Board Member, member of the Engineering Committee, and a retired electrical engineer. Joe received his first license in 1961 while in Maryland.  He moved to St. Louis in 1970.

Joe will be presenting a program at the October General Meeting titled, “Ham Radio in the Dark Ages.” In describing his presentation, he said, “It starts with the

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The following Board positions are up for election for 2017:  President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer,  Board Member at Large (odd year), and New Ham Board Member.

Members who would like to submit their name as a candidate for office, or members who would like to nominate another member for one of these offices, can

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The SLSRC will be holding “Back-To-Basics” Classes  the first Friday of the month beginning Friday, October 7th at 7:00PM.  The Classes will be held at Missouri Baptist Hospital, Town and Country, MO within the Clinical Learning Institute - Goldfarb School of Nursing, rooms 419-420 (same rooms where SLSRC General Meetings are held).  4th floor of the main garage.

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From 30 October through 1 November, members of the Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS) will be conducting a quarterly Department of Defense Contingency Communications exercise. The purpose of this quarterly exercise is train on our ability to provide communications following a “very bad day” scenario when traditional forms of communications will likely be unavailable. While the simultaneous loss of all communications nation-wide is not likely, for training purposes, we are assuming there has been a massive nation-wide outage.

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Christopher Barber (WX5CW), Engineering Committee Chair, and WØSRC Trustee, discussed CW.  In describing his presentation he said, “My goal for this presentation is to inspire new CW operators and reignite older CW operators to finding the magic in operating CW.  I will review my journey from the struggles I had learning CW to my decision

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By Bill Carroll (KC9CIK)

“You have a friend in me…” This should be one of our theme songs of amateur radio.  As I look at the membership for SLSRC, I can see we have members that are not within our own region. Most of these are former St. Louis area residents that no longer live here.  These are some of the friends we have met through the radio.

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October 13-15 – Microwave Update 2016 (Friday night Swap Meet), Holiday Inn in Earth City, MO (just off Hwy 70)

October 29 – Halloween Hamfest, Kirkwood, MO

January 28, 2017 – Winterfest 2017 - Collinsville, IL

June 11, 2017 - EgyptianFest 2017,- Granite City, IL

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Tue Oct 25 @18:00 - 09:00PM
VE Testing
Tue Oct 25 @19:30 - 08:30PM
SLSRC Weekly Net
Fri Oct 28 @19:00 - 09:00PM
General SLSRC Meeting
Sat Oct 29 @07:30 - 12:00PM
Halloween Hamfest

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